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Layout features Közi, solo artist and ex member of Malice Mizer. The layout made by {Mija} of {C~S}.

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The Juvenile Ward (00/??) [{Sun} 10.26.08 @ 4:31am ]
Title: The Juvenile Ward
Rating: G (for now, of course.)
Warning: Mature themes, drug use, violence, and suicide.
Chapter: [00/0?] (Prologue)
Pairing: Kihae
Summary: Lee Donghae is a kid who, disliked by his peers, gets caught up in a staged suicide attempt involving someone meddling with his medication. This lands him in the hospital, in a shared room with a somewhat dispassionate boy named Kibum who doesn't seem to have much to say. By coincidence, they are both transferred to a juvenile ward - and it is this that brings them together. However, Kibum remains firmly private about why he's even there in the first place.

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Everyone should go find out what their personal profile is [{Thu} 6.5.08 @ 11:22pm ]
Because I find these things incredibly interesting.

My brother and mother are both INTP, I'm the only ISTP I've ever met, actually. XD
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[{Sun} 5.18.08 @ 8:06am ]
Title: Tension
Fandom: Super Junior (Hankyung x Heechul)
Rating: PG-15? I don't know, clothing is removed and hands are'a wandering!
Summary: He'd been pestering you all day - and not just in the usual way. Everyone has their breaking point and Hankyung is just about there.

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[{Fri} 5.16.08 @ 6:37am ]
Bah, more of my fail icons. Textures credit to spooky_window! No one will use these XD
01. Comment & Credit (comment optional, but PLEASE credit)
02. Don't hotlink~

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Atsui [{Sat} 5.19.07 @ 5:00am ]
Title: Atsui
Fandom: Dir en grey
Series: Aishiteru Series
Rating: R
Pairings: Kaoru/Kyo, Kyo/Toshiya
Wordcount: 560
Description/Authors Note: This entire series has really shown Kaoru as the bad guy.  Let us examine the inner workings of the villains brain.  Shall we begin?

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[{Sat} 1.8.94 @ 12:56pm ]
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